Cabbage and its health facts


In ancient times, cabbage was used not only as an edible but also as a medicine. The father of medical science, Hippocrates, philosopher Aristotle and historian Painey, believes that cabbage has healing powers. Facts about ancient

Roman people suffer from headache and insomnia to alleviate the pain of women during childbirth, it is used to stop bleeding. It has exceptional levels of therapeutic properties. Vitamins are abundant in it. Adults only eat 250g of raw carbohydrates and get enough C-vitamin.

Nutritional benefits and metabolism:-

Nutritional components in it regulate metabolism. Raw cabbage also plays an important role in the development of a young child’s body. Some of the components contained in it prevent the formation of fatty fat that builds up in the blood vessels of the heart. Prevents the occurrence of stones in the gallbladder.

Raw cellulose in it is so rich in health, so rich in vitamins is, It can be very beneficial for those suffering from anemia. Cholesterolacid, which is produced in the gallbladder eliminates it. Thereby eliminating the problem of thickening of the heart’s blood vessels

Botanists have recently discovered another nutrient in it. Its name is Torbonic Acid, this acid prevents the conversion of sugar and other sugars into starches and fats. So it is very useful for those who want to decrease obese. If you need to thin it a little every day drink a decoction of cabbage.

100g of cabbage has 30 calories worth of energy. It is negligible compared to the caloric value of bread. Although the calorie value of it is low, the biological value is infinite.

Pharmaceutical properties of Cabbage:-

Its juice is a good remedy for stomach aches and gastric ulcers. Juice of it leaves for making cabbage juice to be put in the machine. The juice should then be steamed in steam. The juice should be drunk before meals. Those who are suffering from acidity in the stomach should not drink this juice.

Cabbage as a tonic

It has antibacterial properties. Burns so

It has been found to be very useful for healing. It has been proven that blending cabbage leaves with the juice of the cabbage leaf, by mixing the white part of the egg with the wounds, can help the hair grow better if the water is dissolved.

Sour cabbage juice is also a good medicine. The process of making fermented cabbage juice is as follows. Its jut must be cut then add carrots and apple pieces for these juts

Molecules should be added. Then add salt to them to be squeezed. The solution should be filled with jars. Comes with durability for a long time. Add a touch of creamy berries and red berries to it.

The juice of fermented cabbage becomes a good energizing tonic. Great for digestion. Scientists believe that it can be a very useful drug for relieving blood pressure and constipation.

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